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All New for 2018-19

Term III Forms

Please note that Term II is the same concept as Term I paired with new ensemble repertoire. We request that you start these assignments as new repertoire is introduced after the new year. Google form assignment submissions should be done via the form. All other assignments must be submitted via our Google Classroom. 

Accelerated Ensemble Composition Warm-Up Task

Accelerated Listening Response

Accelerated Music Ensemble Repertoire Exploration

Accelerated Practice Reflection


  • Provide highly-motivated individuals with a rigorous performance-based curriculum.
  • Attract individuals pursuing a high level of musical instruction and involvement.
  • Give students a wide range of musical experiences in order to best prepare them for college level music studies.
  • Incorporate Project-Based Assessment and Applied Learning in ways that will benefit students in a variety of musical areas.

Accelerated Ensemble are designed for:

  • Students enrolled in band, chorus or orchestra 
  • Highly motivated student looking for a rigorous and highly demanding music program
  • Students planning to pursue music as a career.

Course Notes:

Accelerated ensembles meet at the same time slot as the non-accelerated course. It does not have a specific and separate meeting time other than occasional meetings. The course is designed with many components of a college-level independent study program. It is not based around a text, nor is there normal daily written assignments. Instead there are several components in which the students must adhere to, plan and budget time for, and take the initiative to carry out properly.


In addition to the requirements of the regular ensemble course, students are responsible to complete project assignments per term within the accelerated program. Instructors will provide a selection of activities that are are to be completed prior to the close of the term. Students are responsible for completing the activities chosen and submitting the required documents.


Members of the Accelerated course are also members of the ensemble and are bound by the requirements of each course.

Grading Procedure:

  • Accelerated course assignments will count for 50% of the term grade, while regular ensemble work will account for the remaining 50%



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