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Good morning! 

I'm sorry for missing class these past few days. I hope you've been able to work in groups and get some of this new music learned so we can piece things together quickly next week. A few notes and plans for everyone:

Parade Music: There is no music specifically for Disney and people who are not attending the trip are not exempt from learning any music. The music for the St. Patrick's Day parade in March might by 24K and is also might be something we bring back from the fall... no decision has been made as of yet. But, 24K will be used for Disney, Daffodil and Memorial Day so everyone is responsible for learning it. 

Percussion: No assignments have been made yet other than battery changes. So, everyone should be rotating through parts and active during the class period.

Lesson for today...

The period will be spent in sectionals focused on the J Williams and the new Nocturnal Creatures. I have compiled some audio that you should listen to at the start of the sectional that should help you get through things a bit quicker. Good luck! 

Here is a nice 5 minute video created to go along with the Williams piece. Play it until 5:32. After that it goes into another piece of music.

Here is the audio for Nocturnal Creatures. Take a listen and see how your parts work along with the whole piece. 

Nocturnal Creatures

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