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Composition Collaboration with composer Tony Susi

Band Members:

We are very fortunate to be working with composer Tony Susi on a new concert band composition. Tony will be creating a new piece of music for our ensemble based on feedback from you. This is your chance to be a part of a great new piece of music that we will be performing this spring.

This is not a requirement, but you will earn extra credit for participating in this step of the project. 

The form below is in Word format so you can type in the document and then email it or print it. Your task is to fill out this form to the best of your ability as a serious high school musician. 


  • We are creating an original composition, not an arrangement. Do not submit information specific to a movie, show or other music that is already in existence.
  • The composer will review your submissions and base his ideas and the overall concept of the piece based on common ideas and themes you present. Consider talking with friends before submitting this and working on an idea together. 
  • You can submit a form with multiple names on it. If you submit as a group, it can be any group you wish - friends, section members, freshmen, seniors, etc. 
  • Do research before you submit. Check out Mr. Susi's music at and to get an idea of how he composes. Also check out other great band composer such as Robert Sheldon, Frank Ticheli, Mark Markowski, Rossano Galante, Brian Balmages, Percy Grainger, Claude Smith, Vaughn Williams, Gustav Holst and others to give you ideas. You can find music by all of these composers and many more on Youtube. 

Submissions need to be emailed to me or printed and turned in by Sunday night - November 12th, 2017. Mr. Susi will be here on Monday (during the festival) to collect the forms from me as well as talk to you about the process and allow for some verbal feedback. 

Lastly... this is a great opportunity to experience a unique aspect of band and the world of composition. I encourage you to take an active and professional role. Mr. Susi is a highly respected composter and a pillar of the band community in Connecticut. When he is here, act professional, ask great questions and take advantage of this great opportunity. 

Download the form here: Collaboration Form


Mr. Cyr

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