Maloney Department of Music & Theatre

Stage Show Plans for Today

It's a big stage show day today! Important notes...

1. The current plan is below. If you are solo/small group act, you must plan to be in the theater on Friday from 2:00-2:45 for a run through of your act. Make sure you are ready. If you need to go early due to sports or a conflict, see Mr. Cyr for an early time. This is mandatory for all acts. This will be a run, sound check and lights check.

2. Today... all percussion is moved to stage. Mason, Vanessa, Chloe and a few others know the setup so listen to them. Everyone else... instruments, flip books and head to the front seats of the theater

Kat will be running the first portion of class today. Listen to her. She has done many stage shows with me and she knows the process. 

Get the percussion setup

Setup the surround placement - Mason, Vanessa, Chloe and others were briefed on this as well. 

Run RENT and Dancing Queen in surround 

Run at least 1-2 others in the front setup 

I will see you before the end of class today. I have Blake's Kindergarten orientation today! Woohoo! 

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