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Project 3 - Your New Ringtone

Ringtone Mini-Project!

Studios create many different types of audio for many different uses. Many studios just produce audio for games, devices, and interactive tools. Examples include kids games, board games with sounds, ringtones, and any sound that is activated by a button, switch or device. All are made in a studio!

What you have to do:

For this project you need to develop a ringtone for your phone using Garageband.

Learning Objectives:

Apply looping and MIDI input via keyboard to a real-life application 

Understand how to export using proper file types - what types are used and for what reason



  • It must be 20 seconds exactly
  • You must use volume and pan adjustments
  • Must contain at least 4 tracks
  • You must export the project to your device. (We will do this as a class)

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