Maloney Department of Music & Theatre

Chapter 1 & 3

Music Theory ECE/AP

September 21st 


Time to play a little catch-up and get things back on track! 

I’ll be back in class on Monday and we will be spending the week discussing material in Chapter 3. Here is what you need to do Friday to prepare:


  1. Make sure your melody composition in Finale is 100% complete (should be all set to turn in on Monday)
  2. Review and discuss keys, scales and intervals and quiz each other any way you wish - use the techniques you use at home. I will ask about this on Monday 
  3. Record any questions about chapter 1 that arise so we can discuss on Monday.




  1. Make sure you have reviewed keys so you are prepared for the first graded speed quiz next week
  2. Double check and make sure you are confident on chapter 1 material. If you are not, be prepared to discuss on Monday 
  3. Skip chapter 2. We will come back to it soon enough 
  4. Read Chapter 3. We will start this next week. 


Email me with questions! 




Mr. Cyr

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