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USBands Competition Specifics

Marching band competitions usually take place at a host high school and draw 8-12 bands per event. Bands are grouped into classes based on ensemble size. Classes range from I-VI. We are in Division IV this year. Usually, the night is set up with smaller group performances first and larger groups last. However, it is not always the case. These events are very well populated, have numerous food vendors, and are quite an event to bring the family and friends to.

Competitions can best be summarized as: Half Time….The entire time.

  • The band will normally meet at Maloney High School out of uniform at 10:00 a.m. sharp.
  • We recommend that breakfast be eaten before you arrive!
  • Students should bring water jugs as they do for camp.
  • Students should dress casual in what they plan to wear under their uniform.
  • The band black shirt should serve as the top layer.
  • We will be departing school around 3:00 p.m. depending on the show.
  • Our warmup/staging times are usually early evening.
  • Our performance time varies between 7:00 and 8:30 or so.

The events conclude between 10:30 and 11:30. We do return late. Please note that these times are an estimate and a cell call or call from the band room from your son/daughter should be your cue to come and get them.

We offer a new lunch plan at school this year through a partnership with Gigantes Deli of Wallingford. Students can pre-order lunch and have it ready for them at school following practice. Orders are taken from the Wednesday to Wednesday prior to the event.

At the competition, food will be available for purchase throughout the night. Food is not to be eaten at the event prior to our performance.

Instruments will be taken to and from the competition in cases in the truck.

Upon completion of our portion of the show and a stop at the concession stand, students are expected to find a seat and watch the final groups perform and get food if the wish.

A Reminder: We are all at competitions to cheer on one another, support one and other and do so in the spirit of Pride, Musicianship and Respect. Everyone is to be respectful, courteous and kind in every situation at all times. There is no bad mouthing other groups, talking down to others or anything of the sort. If any member of our group demonstrates this type of behavior at any time, all priviledges will be revoked and severe action will be taken. Regardless of what others do, we are respectful and professional at all times. If anyone witnesses this type of behavior, I am to be made aware immediately.

Competitive marching band is a positive and friendly environment. It should be a great time to meet new people and interact with people who do what you do and enjoy the activities you do. Specifically, The Lyman Hall Band has become a great friend to our band over the years. They have been some of our biggest fans and supporters throughout our competitive experience. I hope you will afford them and all of our competitors the same support and appreciation as you have received in the past.

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