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Disney 2018 Student Info

Final Student Details for the 2018 Disney Trip - Updated 3/29/16

Student Digital Packet 

Medical Manifest Form - Download and fill out or just fill it out when you come for luggage drop off. 

Medicine Policy:

Disney Trip Medication Process Update:

As stated in our meeting:

  • Students are permitted to carry and self-administer medication while on the trip provided they have parental permission to do so and the school is aware of the medication being taken.
  • If you are taking prescription medication on the trip, the nurse should be contacted to ensure that she is aware of the medication
  • Any medical condition that could affect the well-being of your student while on the trip needs to be conveyed to the nurse, who will, with your permission convey that information to the staff in charge of the trip. If you want chaperones to be aware of medical conditions, it is your responsibility to discuss this with them prior to departure. We will not discuss your students medical conditions with chaperones without your consent.
  • All prescription medications need to be clearly labeled with the students name
  • Quantities of medication should be limited to travel size containers.
  • Medicines, including cover-the-counter meds may not be shared by students for any reason at any time. This is a serious offense.
  • Adults on the trip are not permitted to give students medication, including Tylenol or Advil for a headache.
  • Over the counter medicine bottles must be factory sealed. In all cases, medications must be in their original containers. We will not permit any unmarked or suspicious looking pills on the trip.
  • Students are not permitted to carry and/or self administer narcotic medications. If your student is taking narcotics for any reason, please see a director for an action plan.

On the night of LUGGAGE DROP OFF:

  • A parent/guardian must escort the student to drop-off.
  • Any medication being brought on the trip must be included in the Medicine Manifest Sheet which will be filled out by a parent and signed when luggage is dropped off.
  • If a parent cannot attend luggage drop-off, this sheet can be obtained in advance, filled out and turned in at luggage drop-off.

Fast Pass Instructions:

There have been some changes to the way you can create FastPass groups at Disney. You no longer need to create a “family” and have one person manage all of the groups FastPass plans.

If you would like to take advantage of this new process or if you need to change a person in your “family,” please follow these simple steps.

  • Go to the Disney website: It is much easier to do this through the site as opposed to the app. The site is mobile friendly so doing this on your phone is easy. If you just type Disney in your search bar, it will get you to this site.
  • Once at the site, click on MYDISNEYEXPERIENCE on the side menu (or top if you are on a computer)
  • Click “My Family and Friends List”
  • It will ask you to sign in
  • Once there, you can remove or add people
  • IMPORTANT – If you want to add people, follow these steps:
    • When asked how you want to find a guest, select “I’ll enter their name and age.”
    • You will need their name and birthdate
    • After the person you are looking to add comes up, click INVITE TO CONNECT
    • If you click MANAGE instead, this will add the person like a family member and you will control their account.
  • INVITE TO CONNECT works much like adding a friend on facebook. It will let you make multiple groups for rides and will not force you to allow one person to manage your trip.


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