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"Remind" Setup Help

Help excerpts from the Remind Troubleshooting site...

Your carrier does not support short code if you receive a "service access denied" or "Message failed. Short code may have expired" message. In this case you will text the class code to a traditional 10 digit number. This number is 502-694-1142.

If you are using an app-based messaging service on a device that isn't compatible with short codes, we recommend downloading our app. That way, you can receive all of your messages through the app without having to worry about the switch to short codes!


For the App

If you joined in the Remind App:
If you've downloaded the Remind app, please double check that the Class you joined shows up under "Joined Classes" in the Classes tab.  

Next, click "You" and then "Notifications."  Make sure that at least one notification option is enabled (toggle is blue): Push / Text / Email 

If you've double checked both of these areas and you're still not receiving messages, please click "Contact Us" from within the app to email us.  


 If you joined by text:
If you successfully joined a class by text, but are not receiving messages, it's possible that the cell phone carrier is blocking our messages 

Please text the word " LIST " to 81010 (US only - if you're in Canada text LIST to your teacher's Remind phone number). You should receive a response right away with all class @codes that you have joined. If you do not receive this, the carrier is likely blocking Remind messages. 

If you receive the list, but one of your classes is not shown, please rejoin that class by texting the @code to 81010, or typing the code here.

If you continue to have any trouble, please send us an email at with your cell carrier, your cell phone number and the class @code you want to join. We can look deeper into the issue for you then. Thanks so much, and sorry for the hassle!

TIP: If someone is not receiving texts and they have also downloaded the Remind app, please see above and make sure that Texts are turned on in app Notifications.


If you're receiving an error message or a message that says "Sorry you can't reply to your teacher," please try signing up in one of these other ways:

1. Skip the "@" symbol and text " join code " to 81010. 

        Ex: If the code is @math, text " join math "  

        *If this works, you may have a cell carrier that blocks the @ symbol. No worries! Just remember to subscribe with " join code" for future classes.


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