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10/7 Band Notes

We have a rainy week ahead of us! Please check the plans below along with the rain notes.


This is the official last call for any Disney Trip changes. We have created our master roster and have completed the first payment. All students attending need to have filled out theFamilyID form and submit the first deposit. We are still waiting on a few deposits from registered students so please make sure all registrations and payments are up-to-date. Charms accounts are accurate as of today with the exception of a few donations that came in over the weekend. Please check to make sure your account is accurate. 


Boone Supply Fundraiser is due in 8 days! 




Wednesday evening rehearsal - time may be adjusted for certain sections based on weather and facility availability.

October 11th

Maloney Football Game

(We attend Football Games if the weather allows us to perform. We do not perform in steady rain or weather that will damage instruments, equipment and uniforms. We make decision about weather cancellations by 3pm on the day of the game. The football team can play in more extreme weather than we can and the game is occasionally played without us in attendance)

4:30 Arrival

5:45 Depart for Game

6:30 Game

7:30 Est. Half-time Performance

9:30 Est. Return to Maloney


October 12th

LHHS Marching Band Competition

10:00 Arrival 

(*Shows are rain or shine but inclement weather may impact arrival time)


1:00 Load Trucks

1:15 Lunch 

2:15 Dress

2:45 Load Busses

3:00 Depart Maloney 

3:30 Arrival to LHHS

3:45 Dress/Prep

4:15 Warmup

5:15 To Gate

5:30 Perform 

7:30 Awards

8:00 Busses

8:15 Depart

8:30 Arrival to Maloney

Have a great week!