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3/17 Band Notes

Dear Parents and Students:

As we progress into this prolonged closure of our school, we have engaged in distance learning in all of our classes. Music courses will follow this model and we will do everything we can to not only deliver our music curriculum, but engage students and have as much fun and quality instruction as we can during this time. Our department has always been active with technology and we often use the tools (such as Google Classroom, Remind and other Apps) that are now our distance learning applications.

We will run our classes through Google Classroom. I have sent each of my classes an assignment in Google Classroom asking them to fill out a short form certifying that you are getting correspondence and can access the virtual classroom. Before we can engage in our learning, we need to make sure everyone is getting the assignments and can communicate. If you are not getting communication or cannot access the Google Classroom for you class or classes, please reach out to me via email or message as soon as possible.

To keep things simple...
Communication will come from Parent Square and will be duplicated in Charms. 
Assignments and Classwork/Discussion will take place in Google Classroom

We will be using several tools to teach our classes depending on what course you are enrolled in. These include:

Google Classroom, Forms, Docs, Sheets, Meet and Pages
Norton Virtual Tonal Harmony
Smart Music
Android and Apple Audio Apps
and more TBA

If any of these tools are used in your class, they will be assigned through Google Classroom so there is no confusion as to what you need to do. 

Parents: Please make sure your student has access to our classes and are responding to our postings and assignments. We are using our distance learning as real school coursework and we intend to grade this work and use it towards graduation in June.

This initial assignment in all classes for verification of online access is due on Friday. If you are in multiple classes, there is a form for each course - we need to report this information to school administration.

If there are any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

Thank you!

Brian Cyr