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9/9 Show Week Band Notes!

Dear Parents and Boosters:


This is show week! We have a busy week ahead of us as we prepare for our home marching band show at Falcon Field on Saturday, September 14th! Here are the plans for the week! 


Home show volunteer planning meeting reminder:

Monday (tonight) 6:00pm in the Maloney Choral Room. 

If you are volunteering at the show, please plan to come to this quick informational meeting from 6:00-6:45pm. 


Sub Sandwiches for Saturday

When we met for our parents meeting, we stated that we were going digital for everything this year including the sub program. After talking with the grinder shop, we have decided to keep this one on paper for a few reasons. So… order forms will be out today and will be due back on Wednesday. You can return an order for just this weekend or for all of the competitions - your call! 


Marching Band Rehearsals for this week:


Full ensemble 6:00-9:00pm


Pit 4:00-9:00pm with dinner break around 5-5:30

Rest of ensemble 5:00-9:00 - please eat dinner before you come! 


Friday (no rehearsal or football game but...)

2:00-3:00pm equipment prepped in STEM lab, room, stage for truck loading: All pit, battery, guard and large instrumentalists must prep gear before heading home for the day. 

****NOTE: Students go directly to Falcon on Saturday. Students need to bring home what they need for the show or prep it for the truck****




Pit Crew: we will be loading at Maloney starting at 8:00 and will be making several trips to Falcon. We could really use your help getting the gear to Falcon!


Students!!!! for Saturday, you need…


Water jug

Dot book


Practice clothes (like you wore to camp)

Your Dinkles or guard shoes

Black socks (except guard)

Your tour shirt

Base layer pants

Lunch (unless you ordered through the sub program)

Some money for concessions after we perform if you want to get food



9:00 arrival to Falcon Field at Washington bus loop


1:30 lunch break / watch University of New Haven rehearsal 

(3:00 escorts for show begin)

3:00 to Washington for base layers, uniform prep and show equipment prep

4:45 in place in away stands for start of show

5:30 dress for show

6:00 depart for warmup


7:00 depart for gate

7:15 perform

7:45 awards

8:15 est. conclusion of show 

8:20 concession time for band member 

8:45 clean-up (mandatory for all members)

9:30 estimated pick-up time for students (students will call for rides)


****Please note… students must sign out of this event. Students are not permitted to leave until we are packed and equipment is ready for return to Maloney. Sign-out procedures will be conveyed to students at the event****


(This plan is subject to change)

More to come! Have a great week!