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2021-22 Jazz Ensemble

It is with great pride and excitement that we announce the new Jazz Ensemble and our return to big band jazz at Maloney! Get ready for daily rehearsals and some great live performances both in Meriden and on the road as we get back to jazz as it should be at Maloney High School! 

Welcome to this incredible experience and congratulations! 


The 2021-22 Jazz Ensemble
Alto I AJ Mejias
Alto II Robert Taylor
Alto II To be auditioned at camp
Tenor I Brian Gdovin
Tenor II Gabrielle St. Pierre
Tenor II To be auditioned at camp
Bari Julia Asplund
Trumpet I Tomas Maldonado
Trumpet II Hannah Burroughs
Trumpet III Josh Catania
Trumpet IV Elijah Hanne
Bone I Alex Pagan
Bone II Noah Jacob
Bone III To be auditioned at camp
Bass Bone Cris Angel Rivera
Guitar To be auditioned at camp
Bass Izzy Valentino 
Drums Sean Haight
Drums Sam Hurlburt
Drums Paul Evans
Piano Mya Chrzanowski
Piano Ava Martinez