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Class Plans/Notes

Good morning theory friends! I cannot be with you today (Blake is sick 🤕), but you would be doing the same thing if I was there! We’ve gone through a lot this week and now you need to make sure you can read, write and comprehend what we have discussed. There are five exercises assigned in the workbook portal for chapter 3. Please do these in order and submit when done with each. 








These should be done in class and finished for homework. These all need to be done by Monday morning, so you have the weekend if needed. 


I highly recommend that you use the “Show It” tool in the portal (that we tested the other day). Test your skills in Chapter 0,1,2,3!


Not sure who my sub will be, but please get started in the lab regardless of who is there today. Keep up the great work! 




Mr. Cyr