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Band Leadership 2021-22

The Maloney High School Band


2021-2022 Section Leaders - Guard Captains and Drum Majors

This the team that will bring the band back to normal as we bring back competitions, shows, football games and more. We have an incredible season in store for you and this is the leadership behind the magic! Congrats to the new crew and get ready for a great season! 

These names are not in any specific order. Leadership teams are equal partnerships and do not have hierarchy. 

Drum Major  Samantha Pirruccio   
Drum Major  Reese Cassidy  
Colorguard Captain  Jenna Talento  
Colorguard Captain  Zari Heron  
Colorguard Captain  Moly-Ann O'Malley  
Flute Onil Carrion  
Clarinet Emma Roderick  
Clarinet Natalie Matteson  
Saxophone Ryan Rosario   
Saxophone Julia Asplund  
Saxophone Brian Gdovin  
Trumpet Tomas Maldonado   
Trumpet George Hall  
Trumpet Hannah Burroughs   
Trumpet Jack Depalma  
Mello/Horn Mya Chrzanowski   
Low Brass Noah Jacob  
Low Brass Cris'Angel Rivera  
Mallet & Pit Elizabeth Ganon  
Mallet & Pit Jaykob Torres Vazquez  
Mallet & Pit Kevin Hudson  
Battery Sam Hurlburt