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Maloney Band Virtual 5K Challenge!

We are all embracing our distance learning as COVID-19 changes all of our spring plans. While our classes are up and running in Google Classroom, most of us are sitting on a laptop all day and very few us are getting our 10,000 steps in per day! 

You have to stay active during this time at home and we want to put out a fun challenge for everyone! This is optional of course and has no affiliation with your grade. But, we want you to consider this as a way to get active and do something fun with your team! 


The Maloney Band Weekly Virtual 5K Race! 

We want everyone to consider running or walking a 5k! Here is how you participate! 

1. This is a virtual 5K, so you are not doing this with others. Social distancing is critical right now, so we are running/walking separately and then posting our results. Please don't break the social distancing expectations. We all know it's rough right now, but make the best of it! 

2. Get the Nike Run App on your phone or watch (available in the app store and it's free). There are others out there that will work as well... no need to pay for an app - many great free ones. 

3. Run or walk the 5k and the app will track your speed and your course (as long as you take your phone with you). Just make sure you press START on the app as you start and STOP when you finish. You can do it all at once or in portions throughout the week. 

4. Once you have completed your run/walk, post your results via the Google Form below. You can choose to post just your name for the group to see or your name and time 

5. When we get back to school, we will do something fun to reward all of our participants. 

6. Have a little competition with yourself. See if you cab better your time each week! 

You do not need to be a runner to do this! Good luck!