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Weekly Results!

Maloney Band Virtual 5K Challenge!


Week 5 (through May 3rd)

Josh Goodman 27:01
Jack DePalma 24:35
Mr. Cyr

Week 5 (through May 3rd)

George Hall 26:16
Jack DePalma 00:24:12
LeaHeart Valerio
Sam Hurlburt
Mr. Cyr



Week 4 (through April 26th)

Calvin Henderson
Maddy Plumberg
Ryan Zamboni
Jack DePalma 0:24:56
Kevin Hudson 0:30:42
Mr. Cyr



Week 3 (through April 19th)

LeaHeart Valerio 0:28:41
George Hall 0:27:10
Ryan Zamboni 0:28:13
Jack DePalma 0:23:45
Kevin Hudson 0:42:14
Mr. Cyr 0:24:44
MollyAnn O’Malley


Week 2 (through April 12th)


Jack Depalma              24:24:00      
Mr. Cyr                         24:09:00      
Calvin Henderson      
Emma Roderick      

Week 1 (through April 5th)

Jack DePalma 24:56:00      
Kyle Wimbish 29:03:00      
Robert Plumberg 26:17:00      
Ryan Zamboni 28:52:00      
Mr. Cyr 27:49:00      
Maddy Plumberg      
Adrianna Scagnelli       
Kevin O'Malley                                                       40:03 (Hike to Castle Craig!)

How many will we have next week!? Come join the challenge!