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Cast Member Notes

Mamma Mia Cast Members:

I hope all of you are doing well as we progress through this extended quarantine. We all miss you very much and we are doing all that we can to bring Mamma Mia! Back to our stage later this spring or summer. We will be sending out tentative dates as soon as the state begins to open back up. If we are permitted to run the show, we will! More information to come!

In the meantime, we have setup private access for you and your family to watch the Thursday performance of Mamma Mia! from home. This is available to you online (at no cost) and is only for you and close family and friends. PLEASE NOTE: This is not for public viewing in any way and cannot be posted on any social media accounts or shared publicly in any way. We will have to take it down if this happens.

This link and password access will be live for two weeks. Feel free to watch this incredible show as many times as you wish during this time.

Regardless of where the rest of the year takes us, I truly believe that this night was an incredible moment in all of our lives; one that I know we will all remember vividly for the rest of our lives. While this night was the beginning of a very difficult time for us and for the world, you marked that beginning with the most positive of memories.

I always say to my band members… when we perform as artists, we strive not for the win, not for the trophy and not for the title. We strive for that moment… when it was so incredible that no one ever had to tell you how incredible it was, when you cried, your audience cried, and you created a moment… one that you never forget - one that you will tell your kids about someday. As performers, there is nothing we cherish more than creating these moments for ourselves and for our audiences. This was one of those moments.

-Mr. Cyr

Thursday, March 12th, 2020 – The Magical Night of Mamma Mia! at Maloney High School

Cast Member Video Access: https://www.mvfilmproductions.com/page/32286-School-Districts

Access Password: mhsmammamia2020

A Special Thanks to Matt at MV Film Productions and Justin Beardsley for creating this for us with only hours notice when it was realized that the show would not run all weekend.