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Family ID Registration

2020 Marching Band Family ID Registration:

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Choral Department Family ID Registration:

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Orchestra Family ID Registration:

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The Maloney High School Music Department has adopted a new process for registering students in ensembles. This process provides parents/guardians/students with a single place to sign permission forms, medical forms and review policies. All ensembles will use this system in lieu of any paper permission or medical forms of any kind including annual forms, trip forms and more. All students enrolled in any band, choral or orchestral ensemble music register via the links below. While you will need to register for each group you are enrolled in, personal information will only need to be entered into your account once. The Maloney Athletics Department also uses this system. 


  • One place for all forms
  • No need to fill out multiple copies of the same form
  • Provides us with a reliable database in the event of an emergency

The system is called Family ID and has been setup by our department to include all major policies and needed forms. Please click your ensemble and register as soon as possible. If new forms need to be signed, they will be posted here for you to review and you will be alerted via email/text. 

Please contact brian.cyr@meridenk12.org with any questions.