Maloney Department of Music & Theatre


We are confirmed to perform at the rescheduled Championships on Tuesday, October 30th at 9:36pm at Veterans Memorial Stadium in New Britain, CT 

If you are able to chaperone or run pit crew, please sign up in Charms so we know who is available. We will confirm chaperones and crew later tonight. (We do not normally use this system for pit crew, but please sign up this time so we know who is available).  

Tickets for this event are still available through the department if you are going as a spectator. $20.00 per ticket 

Championships Tuesday Schedule! 

2:30 Rehearsal 

4:15 Chaperones/Pit Crew Arrival 

4:30 Load 

5:00 Dinner - Pizza, Salad, Etc in Maloney Cafe

6:15 Load busses

6:30 Depart Maloney

7:15 Arrival 

7:30 Dress/Prep

8:00 Warmup

9:05 Depart warmup 

9:15 Gate

9:26 Performance 

(Not staying for awards & no judge critique at this event)

9:45 Snack at the trucks (Dessert, Hot Choc Tailgate)

10:15 Depart

10:45 Return to Maloney 

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