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Project 4 - News Cast Design Project

Objective:Demonstrate your understanding of proper microphone usage, integration of audio into garageband, basic voiceover understanding, and the design of audio for a specific application.

Task:Design a radio news broadcast including into and exit music and recorded voice story line.


Your studio has been asked to develop a new broadcast for a local radio station. It is your responsibility to design the theme music for the beginning and end of the broadcast as well as recording the actual new cast. The material for the new cast can be of your choosing: write it yourself or find a story to read online. The story music be appropriate for class, and can be fact or fiction.


Garageband project

New style spoken voice recording

Intro and exit theme music to compliment your new cast


You will be grading on the adherence to the guidelines stated above, quality of the vocal recording you produce, quality of your intro and exit music and whether your project sounds like a realistic new cast.

News cast should be a minimum of 45 seconds.

Resources: is a great compilation of news audio to help you with ideas for your theme music.

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