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Project 1 - Loop-Based Sequencing 1


Looping - Phase I

As discussed in class, looping is the first step in sequencing music. It is the easiest type of sequencing, in that it utilizes pre-made loops that are designed to work well together. While this first compositional step is an easier one, it is one to take seriously, as it will soon lead to more complex recording techniques. 

Here are the understandings you should leave this short project with:

 - The role of each instrument in the modern pop ensemble

 - Basic popular music forms

 - A basic ability to sequence

 - Climactic development in musical composition


Here is what you have to do:

  1. Research some of your favorite popular pieces and answer the following questions: 

In your own words... what is the form - how often do things repeat, how many verses are there and is there a chorus (a repeated section of the same thing in between verses)? Analyze at least two pieces.

What instruments are in the group and what are their roles - solo, rhythm, bass, harmony?

  1. Develop an original looped-based composition – (1 minute minimum)

Develop a piece using an organized set of instruments that make musical sense and support one another properly. 

Use a set form that organizes your pieces in a way that one would expect in a popular style.

Make sure that you level your piece in order to hear each instrument effectively

Be sure that you have at least one rhythm, harmony and bass instrument. 

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