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Booster Leadership Team

Please do not hesitate to call or email a board member with any questions or concerns regarding The Maloney Band Boosters.

Booster Office email address: boosters@maloneyband.net

Trustees are group of highly involved Booster alumni, past leadership team members and longstanding team members that are in place to support and guide our organization. These people make up a critical aspect of our leadership structure

Barbara Fraser - Program Development & Management
Tom Wronski - Logistics, Set Design, Equipment 
Rob Kosienski - Culinary, Organizational Management
Kathy Gorman - Costuming, Art, Theater Arts
Stephanie Simon - Finances and Clerical
Jeffrey Barrett - Logistics and Crew



Coleen Murphy

The president is the main contact for the organization and is responsible for the daily operations, fiscal management and coordination of the leadership team. Regular communication occurs between the directors, trustees and leadership team in order to manage events, support the groups and ensure continual program support and arts advocacy. 

Vice President

Kim Sauer

The vice president assists the president and directors with program operations, including event planning, fiscal management, record keeping, 501c-3 paperwork and the coordinating of events with the leadership team. This role manages events behind the scenes, coordinates digital ticketing and other tech systems and oversees operations during events. 

Fundraising Chair

Jamie Fisher

This position works with the directional team to plan and execute various fundraising campaigns throughout the year. This includes fundraising for the booster organization and fundraising for department trips and activities.

Correspondence Secretary

Lindsey London

This individual is responsible for developing and posting meeting, notes and agendas, organizing paperwork and documentation for events and working with the team to maintain proper record-keeping throughout the year.



Pit Crew Leaders

Jeffrey Barrett
Ramon Rosario

The Pit Crew handles all equipment logistics and transportation during marching and winter seasons. Crew Leaders organize our teams and delegate responsibilities in order to ensure safe and effective transport and field support .

Media Secretary

Jackie Shields

This team member will support our Booster Facebook and Instagram pages. We hope to expand our presence and develop better online communication through this new position through more frequent posting, showcase photos and videos and the development of a more comprehensive Booster, community and alumni following

Logistics Secretaries

Melissa Rella - Student Services 
Pam Mole - Booster & Pit Services

This position works directly with directors and the leadership team to support the physical acquisitions and organization throughout the program. Responsibilities include coordinating uniform and attire needs, development and organization of Booster equipment and supplies and coordinating the acquisition of Booster supplies, equipment and other physical needs throughout the year. 

Props & Paints Chair

Heather Cicio

This position directly supports Props & Paints Drama Club in coordination the Directional Team. Responsibilities include the development of event committees, concessions and show logistics.