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Middle School Winter Percussion

Maloney High School runs a middle school percussion program for prospective students. The focus of this group is to develop percussion skills, play great percussion music and prepare middle school students for high school ensembles!

STARTS MARCH 7th, 2022!


Important Notes:

  • This will prepare students for high school and its recommended if they are planing on joining the Maloney program.
  • This is an indoor program and will take place in the Maloney band room.
  • New and current percussionists are welcome!
  • This program is open to Washington and Edison students in grades 6-8.
  • There is no cost associated with this program.
  • You do not need any experience! Just come and we will teach you everything!

If you would like to join...

  1. Register on the form via the link above
  2. Come to Maloney on the dates provided once they are announced. 
  3. Dress in casual, comfortable clothes 

If you have questions please email the program director - Mr. Cyr at brian.cyr@meridenk12.org

This program is run by the Maloney High School Percussion Staff - Katherine Phillips, AJ Rittenhouse, Britney Felix, Evan Adamowicz, Matthew Sauer and others and is coordinated by Brian Cyr