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While we are all staying safe and learning from home right now, our Maloney family is busy planning the next school year! After this time away from each other, we are looking forward to a wonderful year, filled with great music, great shows and new events! 

If you are new to Maloney this fall, there are so many great opportunities for you to consider! We have put together some resources for you so you can make good decisions about your high school career-to-come! 

A few important notes to make sure you know:

  • Music groups rehearse during the school day. While we do have after school activities, rehearsals and performances, you take your music classes in school, during a period each day, for course credit. At Maloney, music is important and it counts as an academic class. 
  • You can take more than one music class! Dozens of students take band and chorus, orchestra and band, etc. You are encouraged to take as many classes as you wish. Reach out to a director to help you schedule this correctly. 
  • Musicians make great athletes and athletes make great musicians. At Maloney, you never need to choose between sports and music. 
  • At Maloney, music is respected. With over a quarter of the entire school population in music, the school has a lot of musicians, and we are a big part of our school community. 
  • Our family is strong. We have a huge parents group, our groups work together, travel together and perform together. There is a place for you and your whole family at Maloney! 

So now that you have a few important notes out of the way... 

Incoming Member Promo Video 

I want to join The Band! 

I want to join The Jazz Ensemble! 

I want to join The Chorus!

I want to join a Select Choir - Allegrettos, Cantabiles, Bel Cantos!

I want to join Orchestra!

I want to join the Drama Club (Props & Paints)