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Maloney Band Camp 2021

Are you ready for the return to regular marching band?

The Band is gearing up for a return to normal and a full USBands Marching Band Season! The Maloney Band has a long tradition of active fall performance seasons with competitions, football games, trips and more! We are so excited to be planning a full performance season once again! 

The Summer Camp Session is a mandatory component of the band program. All members must participate in camp if they wish to be a part of the program. Scheduling conflicts must be resolved with the director at least two weeks prior to the start of camp. All camp rehearsals are at Maloney High School this year. 

Communication: We make every effort to communicate with our students and parents effectively and in advance of all activities. We use the ParentSquare for most correspondence, so please be sure to read our posts and messages. These communications may include forms, surveys and other tools to get your feedback, permission or request your support. If you have any issues accessing ParentSquare, please reach out to brian.cyr@meridenk12.org. PLEASE NOTE: We do communicate directly with students in the ParentSquare-StudentSquare App in relation to schedules, event specifics and other topics that are their responsibility. We believe that high school should teach responsibility and we expect our students to read correspondence and be responsible for their schedule, equipment, supplies, attire and more. 

Dates of camp will not change, but times are subject to change based on the availability of our staff. Any time changes will be conveyed to students as soon as possible. 


Detailed camp information will be sent out to parents over the summer via ParentSquare. Please note that all camp sessions take place at Maloney High School unless otherwise noted. 

Monday August 16                
Section Leaders, Guard, Percussion 9:00-4:00
New Members 1:00-4:00

Tuesday August 17                
All Members 9:00-4:00

Wednesday August 18          
All Members 9:00-4:00

Thursday August 19              
All Members 9:00-4:00

Friday August 20                   
All Members 9:00-4:00

Monday August 23                
All Members 9:00-4:00

Tuesday August 24                
All Members 9:00-9:00 (Pit Crew Cookout)
NEW PARENT Q&A 7:00-8:00
PARENTS MEETING 8:00-9:00                                               

Wednesday August 25
All Members 9:00-4:00 

Thursday August 26              
All Members 9:00-4:00

Friday August 27                   
All Members 9:00-12:00          
Picnic Lunch 12:00-1:30

Monday August 30                
Weekly Practices Begin (Monday/Wednesday Nights)
All Members 6:00 Arrival, 9:00 Dismissal