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Final Notes - Camp 2023


Hello Band Members and Families! 


Marching Band Camp is next week!! I would like to share some very important reminders for all camp attendees as we approach the start of our 2023 Marching Band Camp. Please review the following:




The following expectations are for the safety and well-being of all members and must be followed:


  • Sneakers must be worn to camp. No flip-flops, slides or sandals.

  • Sunscreen should be worn each day and extra sunscreen should be brought to camp for re-application.

  • Students must bring a jug of water to camp each day. This should be a large, insulated jug that can hold a large quantity of water/gatorade/etc. Example:

  • Light colored shirts, short pants and a hat are highly recommended attire each day. Attire must be appropriate for a high-heat environment.

  • All members must eat breakfast each day prior to arrival. 


(If you have any issues obtaining a water jug or anything above, please reach out and we will provide assistance as needed)


General Procedures and Notes: 


Our camp takes place both indoors and outdoors and takes place rain or shine unless otherwise noted. 


There is an hour break each day for lunch. Students may bring a lunch or leave campus with other members and walk to an East Main St. restaurant between Dunkin’ Donuts and Taco Bell. Students are not to leave campus alone, must walk in a group and must not venture farther than the designated areas. Students are welcome to bring a lunch and eat on campus or picnic on the grounds. Students are not permitted to leave campus in personal vehicles (even if they have a car and their license). 


Please ensure that a ride is able to bring your student to and from camp each day at the designated times as noted on the schedule. 

All Camp Schedule info can be found HERE

If you have any questions please reach out!


Mr. Cyr