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Music Technology

Course Summary:

This class will focus on music production through modern technological processes. Students will engage in music composition and arrangement through computer-based notation and digital sequencing. Students will learn the proper methods of digital recording, editing and mixing as well as the skills involved in audio production and post-production.

Required Materials:

  • Access to Google Classroom
  • Your smartphone
  • Headphones (or you can use ours)

Course Software:

  • Finale
  • Garageband
  • Logic Pro

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will understand the applications and processes utilized with current music technology
  • Students will understand how to compose and arrange existing and original music on computer applications
  • Students will understand how to record music
  • Student will understand the process of digital sequencing
  • Students will produce their own compositions through the use of notation-based and sequencing-based software applications

Course Notes:

  • Students will be assigned partners (depending on class size) and computer lab stations. Students will have restricted access to specific lab machines for use during the course and for course related work.
  • Passwords and computer access in the lab are restricted to members of the class. Distribution of passwords and use of machines for applications other than course assignments will result in the loss of lab privileges.
  • Much of the class will center around projects completed on the lab computer machines. Students will, at times, have to work on the machines outside of class time in order to complete the required course assignments.

Units of Study:

  • Basic Music Notation
  • Music Sequencing – Loop Based Sequencing
  • Recording Through Loop Design
  • The Soundtrack
  • Studio Recording and Post Production
  • Live Sound
  • Studio Practicum

In addition to main units, we will discuss several topics as “mini units” or short subjects as we progress through the year, such as software tutorials, hardware research, studio design, various techniques and professional job applications.